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Welcome to the HOUSING FIRST - SAN DIEGO: 2018-2020 Landlord Engagement & Assistance Program (LEAP)

Join us to provide housing opportunities for 3,000 homeless individuals and families in the City of San Diego.

The Landlord Engagement & Assistance Program (LEAP) provides incentives and benefits to landlords who rent to homeless families and individuals in the City of San Diego.

Landlords with rental properties in the City of San Diego (ZIP Code 92037 and ZIP Codes that begin with 921, excluding 92118) who wish to rent to homeless individuals and families can list their rental units on this site free of charge.

San Diegans who are currently experiencing homelessness, as well as social service providers, may also use this site at no cost to find available rental properties.

LEAP is part of HOUSING FIRST - SAN DIEGO: 2018-2020, the San Diego Housing Commission's homelessness action plan.

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